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Re—Circulation (MFA Exhibition)

This show harnesses the diversity of our backgrounds and engages media in different modes of circulation, with a varying range of intention, purpose, scale, and audience. 

All design is essentially an act of circulation, a cyclical practice of knowledge distribution — we read, experience, and interpret. Circulation determines the way an idea is shared, how a message goes out into the world, and how others receive, respond to, and interact with it. Information is transferred from the public, to the designer, and back to the public.

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Re-Circulation was designed collectively by the RISD MFA class of 2019: Amy Auman, Chistopher Cote, Joel Kern, Eury Kim, Jieun Kim, Elaine Lopez, Robert McConnell, Mohammed Nassem, Annaka Olsen, Goeun Park, Marcus Peabody, Angela Torchio, Wei-Hao Wang,June Yoon, and Nathan Young

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