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Body of Work
(Thesis Book & Presentation)

Read Body of Work online here!

Body of Work is an excavation of my own design practice and influences from 2017–2019. The book is filled with my own short stories, essays, indexes, photography, a lot of graphic design, as well as two interviews that I conducted with Tereza Ruller (of The Rodina) and Miranda July. The book is filled with a bright body of work that attempts to deconstruct the fundamental primaries of graphic design and open its definition by taking cues from French New Wave Film and Conceptual Art: design can be anything.

Extra special thanks to: 

Federico Pérez Villoro, Kathleen Sleboda, Christopher Sleboda, Keira Alexandra, Nancy Skolos, Rob Giampietro, and Bethany Johns

Presentation outtakes:


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