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When I left my job, my office threw me a series of Tomato Parties. I'm not sure if it was Sarah or Alicia or Fede or Ian who coined the term, but tomatoes are my favorite and so it seemed appropriate.jpg

I find that sometimes the most specific and personal narratives are often the most relatable and universal. So I did a series of still lifes in my apartment and then posted them to Wikipedia commons with long descriptive titles and personal narratives attached to each image. I found Wikimedia Commons to be a really exciting platform because not only could my personal narratives interrupt Wikipedia entries about tomatoes or the The Picture of Dorian Gray, but also because Wikicommons is open source. Anyone can now download my images and use them to create their own new narratives.

I have read Oscar Wilde's a Picture of Dorian Gray at least five times.jpg

I have only ever dated boys that smoke cigarettes regularly.jpg

I once checked out every Sophie Calle book from the library. I forgot to return them and eventually the library mailed me a bill for $1,054.90.jpg

Still life of my kitchen, favorite things: Le Creuset dutch oven, white and yellow dish towel, painting of a man, coffee mug with Evan's school picture, lemon, grapefruit, and female nude vase I made made.jpg

Still life of my bedroom, favorite things. Dusen Dusen alphabet bet sheets, painting of a woman, pink vase with dried flowers, drawing of statue,
a stuffed possum named Bob that my sister gave me, polaroid of Joe
and Evan and Luke.jpg

Still life of my living room, favorite things: Stack of books, Georges Brassens record, portrait of nude man by Levi Mandel, portrait of Barack Obama, flamingo, and graffiti paintbrush.jpg

My images found throughout Wikipedia and other places:

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