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Process Book


Process Book is a collection of some of my early short writings as well as projects about graphic design and accountability. It starts with “In the Wild”, a walking tour of stolen and appropriated graphic design that attempts to question authorship. At what point does appropriation become plagiarism? How are we as artists and designers accountable for the work that we reference, copy, and steal? The essay “2017 Sept 30 11:32 PM” was inspired by The Serving Library Annual’s lecture at the New York Art Book Fair, and I held myself accountable; I had acquainted with but had never made the effort to understand Dexter Sinister’s Bulletins of The Serving Library. In “A Reminder”, I explore Shannon Ebner’s book A Public Character and her collaboration with David Reinfurt on A HUDSON YARD. The project critiques the shifting landscape of the New York City art world and the changes happening within the Chelsea neighborhood. In “A Beautiful Exhibition for Beautiful Books”, I criticize the designers and curators for not challenging what beautiful design could be, and instead passively designing a beautiful exhibition to frame a predetermined standard of beautiful books. Compiling this Process Book was a reminder to me that as designers we have a responsibility to stay critical of the things we see and make.

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