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Exhibitionism was a 5 week workshop taught in the Communication Design Program at Parsons School of Design in the Spring of 2021. The workshop was a part of the “Currents” class and was a mix of graduate and undergraduate students. 

The workshop examined the ways in which COVID-19 had forced us to adapt exhibitions to alternative spaces or to create prosthetics that translates them to other mediums (often digital ones). This shift in perspective, forced a more mainstream opening up of what the exhibition space could be and allowed us the opportunity to rethink and push against conventional boundaries to explore new ways and platforms of designing for and around exhibitions. Exhibitionism attempted to set aside our presumptions of what it means to design for the “white cube” and instead explore these new possibilities and approaches for designing in unconventional spaces or platforms. Check out the assignments and class website here!

Some student works:

Emily Force

Cassie Xu

Nathan Harrison-Bokor

Samantha Chun Regina La O Alisa Su

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