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Mission Blackwell

Mission Blackwell takes the form of a fictional mission directed by a fictional space program called Venture XX. The project exists as brief that addresses a team of five scientists, five archaeologists, and six operations experts as they are about to embark on a new directive. The folder provides them with all the necessary data and research for the planet of Lilith9 and further instructions. A previous mission, Aphra B310, discovered an unnatural foreign object on the planet. Until this discovery, Venture XX believed the planet to have had no history of life or foreign inhabitants. The object is the first of its kind to be found and is currently enduring rigorous testing and examinations. While its origin is still unknown, it is certain that it was manufactured. Mission Blackwell’s goals are to create a comprehensive map of all territories on the planet, excavate the South Pole where the object was found, and to examine Lilith for further evidence of past cultures. The brief consists of the mission brief, team list, rock samples (all made from household product: sponges, bleach, makeup foundation, a bar of soap, etc.), the history of Aphra B3 and Planet Lilith, maps of discovery, and the mysterious object in question (a silver vibrator). All the names used in this fictional work—for samples, missions, locations, and astronomical objects—are derived from bad[ass] women in history.

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